Collection: Art Kap

He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

aka What Constitutes Success? She of the 6,000 Etsy hits, including but not limited to framed posters, wall decals, ornaments, cushions, mugs, bed linen, jewellery and coffins (the platitude itself can never be buried: the 1939 Joycean appropriation “they lived and laughed and loved and left” has haunted sympathy cards and eulogies ever since). A sign of the times spread so thin it now seeps through the other side — what has come to be an all purpose commodity promising instant inspiration to many soon arouses mocking disdain in others, a saccharine apotheosis of the core inauthenticity those who have grown up in the information age suspect of older generations. If you need a decorative sign to remind you to laugh, are you even okay?? We’d like to be. 

For the inaugural collaboration launching at Snacks, KAP has invited our best friend Chiara Frenzel to make the Art Kap that reimagines the pseudo-spirituality of positive affirmations decor for the new age optimist. 

Founded in 2021 by Valter Törsleff, KAP functions as a venture for collaboration: every new edition is conceived and produced in close association with a devoted contributor. Each run is limited and seeks to answer a particular need, bring attention to a cause, or commemorate a special moment.